Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I have two words regarding Sharpton's credibility, None and Nada

Is Al Sharpton now an expert on racial harmony? Limbaugh has been slandered and libeled by people who either don't listen to him or who just have an ax to grind against his conservative worldview. Its not worth repeating the slanders, but they have not been backed up by any evidence of racism on Limbaugh's part. If anything, he suffers from reverse racism, as a victim. He undeniably knows the sport and loves the game, probably more so than many of the current owners.
Sharptons is a joke. His credibility is zero, and he will always have the stink of the "Brawley" incident and many others hanging around his race baiting neck. Funny how he stands up for the likes of Michael Vick etc, but tries to prevent Limbaugh's group from being owners of a team. His hypocritical, racist double standards are so blatant, he is just not credible at all, he is a pimp of the worst kind.

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