Friday, September 25, 2009

Comrade Barry does what he does best....... he talks and does nothing.

THE OBAMA administration announced last week that it did not need and would not seek new legislation to govern indefinite detention of some terrorism suspects at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In so doing, the administration has chosen the politically expedient and intellectually dishonest route.
Of all the problems in the world and the numerous Obama failures,this is the one that the media stresses out over. Who cares where these damn people are kept. I couldn't care less about these freaken animals. The funny thing here is Obama bragged about this first in his UN speech knowing he was going to backpedal from it.Nothing but a two faced,double dealing crock of manure.
The terrorists at Guantanamo have committed acts of war. They have not worn uniforms in doing so and thus fit the classification of spies. The wartime penalty for spies is death. It would not be unacceptable to commit each and every one of them to a definite detention in eternity
The prisoners are dangerous terrorists. The courts did not bring up that they have a "public option" to bring their cases to our country's legal system as compared with our military justice system. It's always been the latter and only recently have some leftwing fruitloops wanted them tried in OUR courts. That's bizarre. You don't try enemy combatants in civil court. Let the military handle it.
Hey, all you Bambi's that hope and change working fer ya now?